Droulias Brothers

The Droulias Brothers started working on music at an early age. After graduating from their respective universities they decided to focus on their music professionally.

With roots from Mykonos and Crete the brothers have managed to become famous throughout Greece, impressing audiences with their electrifying live performances. The Brothers have a distinct island style and after all, have the traditional Cretan music in their blood!

Their first official single titled “Varethika” by Panagiotis Kapiris and Vasilis Georgiadis was released in 2016. This was followed by the ensuing singles “Pino Koupes” with music and lyrics by Vasilis Dimas and “Ime Ke Apopse Halia” with music and lyrics by Nikos Terzis.

In addition, the Brothers have released a number of remixes; “Asanser” and “Ti Allo Theleis Pio Poli” with Valantis and “Mykonos” with Dionisis Shinas.

They have also collaborated with many top Greek artists such as Stelios Rokos, Stamatis Gonidis, Themis Adamantidis, Nikos Oikonomopoulos, Giorgos Margaritis, Thodoris Ferris, Eleni Hatzidou and Panos Kalidis.

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